Space Fever

Silly Verse Series, 7/?
And to continue the Star Wars theme, because I’m actually watching the new film today, here is another pastiche from the Star War Poems series from Ecdysis Vol. 6, 2015, whose first appearance some of you may recall. John Masefield gets my apologies.

Space Fever

I must go out to space again, to the space where I feel alive.
And all I need is a fast ship, and a working hyperdrive,
And a blaster on my hip before, and a Wookiee friend beside me,
And secret compartments beneath the floor, for when the Imperials chide me.

I must go out to space again, for the sight when stars turn to lines
Is the loveliest sight in the Galaxy (and many of them were mine).
And all I need is a fair game, and a good straight fight,
And a reputation to match my name, and no carbonite.

I must go out to space again, to the life that is bold and free,
Where no one cares for the Empire, and the Empire knows not me.
And all I need is an asteroid where Destroyers dare not go,
And someone to tell me that they love me, and I will reply, “I know.”

— Tamara Vardomskaya, 2015.