Bespin Ballads

Silly Verse Series, 8/?

I’ll include one more from the Star War Poems series, this one in pastiche of Rudyard Kipling’s “Danny Deever” (1890).

Bespin Ballads

“Why was Lord Vader running by?” the Stormtroopers all said.
“To pay me now, to pay me now,” said Bounty Hunter Fett.
“What makes you look so smug, so smug?” the Stormtroopers all said.
“I’ve got my job and my revenge,” said Bounty Hunter Fett.
For they’re carboniting Solo, you can hear John Williams play,
Up in Bespin’s Cloud City they are freezing him today.
He has made our good Hutt Jabba mad as ev’n Huttese can’t say,
So they’re carboniting Solo in the morning.

— Tamara Vardomskaya, 2015.