Tamara Vardomskaya


Welcome to the website of Tamara Vardomskaya, speculative fiction writer. Links to my current publications and information about future publications can be found here.

I am a Canadian writer currently pursuing a Ph.D in theoretical linguistics at the University of Chicago. If you want to learn more about my linguistics work, please go here.

If you are interested in reading Russian (mostly Silver Age – 1890-1930) poetry in translation, please go here. If instead of lyrical, serious and beautiful poetry written by other people, you prefer silly verse pastiches written by me, please go here.

For my presentation at Can*Con 2016 on Linguistics For SF Writers, click here: vardomskaya-cancon-presentation


2 thoughts on “Tamara Vardomskaya

  1. Hi Tamara,
    I have been following the daily posts from Pushkin House (Project 1917) which have been following the events in Russia – 1917. Although I started with political interest, I’ve also really enjoyed the entries from poets, writers, artists etc. One of the contributors quoted is Elizaveta Kuzmina-Karavaeva. Do you know much about her life and works and is there good source material on her?


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