An Imperial Stormtrooper Foresees His Death

Silly Verse Series, 6/?

In honour of the Star Wars movie coming out today, here is a pastiche from my Star War Poems series that appeared in Ecdysis in 2015.  This one is, of course, making W. B. Yeats roll in his grave.

An Imperial Stormtrooper Foresees His Death

I know that I shall meet my fate
Beyond the Galaxy above.
Rebels I fight, I do not hate,
Empire I guard, I do not love.
My planet is Mos Eisley Cross,
My folk its scum and villainy.
No likely end can bring them loss
Or make them happier or more free.
No law nor duty bade me fight,
Not Vader, nor Coruscant yon;
A lonely impulse of delight
Led me to put white armour on.
I balanced all, brought all to mind:
A waste of breath seemed future’s course,
A waste of breath the years behind,
And there’s no balance to the Force.

— Tamara Vardomskaya, 2015.