Ode To The Sine Wave

Silly Verse Series, 2/?

Due to demand, I will pull silly poems I have written up from my archives. This one was composed in Grade 11, while helping a friend with a frustrating math unit project on sine waves (which involved attempting to plot them in Excel, and getting nonsense due to some trick of Microsoft). I went and wrote a hyperbolic ode. I am still fond of it.

Ode to the Sine Wave

Glorious sine wave! Thou art the most fair
Of functions engraved on the Cartesian plane,
Reminding all those in the Trough of Despair
That the Crest of Good Fortune will uplift us again.

Your rule is imposed on the waves of the ocean,
The moon and the galaxies up in the sky,
History, money, the heights of emotion –
They all salute you as they cycle by.

Blessed is thy look and name to our reverent lip and eye
And only immortal hands may frame thy fearful symmetry.
Great are by thy beauty graced axes where you dwell,
Even when you are ravaged and defaced by the brutish Excel,

With grace you entwine
The horizontal line,
At no point do you end and at no point begin.
Glory be thine,
Function serpentine,
Wave of the sine,
Image of SIN!

— Tamara Vardomskaya, March 2002.